Slice of Paradise

Swahili Beach is much more than meets the eye. Culture and history provides its very soul. From the architecture and the aromas to the music, it teases the senses. Drawing you in.


Discover the epitome of Swahili Beach Culture with a modern twist at our exquisite establishment, situated among the finest hotels in Diani Beach, Mombasa. Indulge in a culinary journey through our pan-Asian a la carte menu, complemented by the unique experience of our 2 Teppanyaki tables. Our commitment to freshness is unparalleled, with local Kenyan seafood sourced daily by our dedicated fishermen arriving on boda bodas each morning.
Immerse yourself in the contemporary preparation of these ocean delights, creating the perfect fusion of tradition and modernity. Embrace the essence of coastal luxury at our renowned venue, setting us apart as a beacon among hotels in Diani Beach, Mombasa, and distinguished 5-star resorts in Mombasa.

Spice Route Restaurant

Embark on a culinary adventure that seamlessly blends Kenyan-Indian flavors, enriching the tapestry of Swahili culture at Spice Route Restaurant, a standout among Diani Beach hotels. Our restaurant not only offers an unparalleled fusion of Kenyan-Indian cuisine but also boasts a contemporary interpretation of "Indian" style, adding a modern twist to the dining experience. Immerse yourself in the vibrant synergy of traditional Swahili culture and cutting-edge design, making Spice Route Restaurant a distinctive choice among hotels in Diani Beach, where every dish tells a story of the unique union between heritage and innovation.

Spice Route

Spice Bowl

Majilis Restaurant

Nestled among the luxury hotels in Diani Beach, Kenya, Majilis Restaurant, meaning 'gathering or meeting place,' beckons you to savour a diverse culinary experience. As the main dining hub, Majilis welcomes you to enjoy nightly buffets featuring an array of cuisines, ranging from Swahili to Italian and everything in between. Immerse yourself in the vibrant flavors served in this exceptional gathering place, making Majilis Restaurant a standout choice among 5-star hotels in Diani Beach, Kenya, where each night is a unique journey through the world of exquisite cuisine.

Kahawa Lounge

Discover an extraordinary blend of Kenyan-Indian flavours intricately woven into the fabric of Swahili culture at Kahawa Lounge, an exceptional dining destination among the best luxury beach resorts. Indulge in a culinary journey where tradition meets innovation, as our restaurant presents an unmatched fusion of Kenyan-Indian cuisine. The thematic ambience reflects a contemporary interpretation of the "Indian" style, creating a dining experience that is both culturally rich and modern. Kahawa Lounge stands as a testament to excellence among the hotels in Diani Beach, Kenya, where every dish is a celebration of flavour and cultural diversity.


Kahawa Cup

Barharini Beach Bar & Restaurant

Step into the extraordinary dining experience offered by Baharini Beach Bar & Restaurant, a gem among luxury hotels in Kenya, situated on the pristine shores of Diani Beach. Your journey with us promises to be exceptional, as we take pride in crafting a unique ambience and culinary delights for your enjoyment. At Baharini, we assure you an unforgettable time, where every menu item is meticulously prepared from the finest, fresh organic ingredients. Whether you're savouring our delectable dishes or gearing up for an adrenaline-pumping session of scuba diving in Diani, embrace the enchanting atmosphere and culinary excellence that set Baharini Beach Bar & Restaurant.


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