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I was looking for an escape and I found it in Diani. Around each turn, a scenic wonder and a smiling face. Beautiful and enchanting; life here simply danced to a different tune. Anywhere with him is great. But here it was simply magical.

Slice of Paradise

Slice ofParadise

I found a slice of paradise in Swahili Beach. Right here in Diani, Africa’s most beautiful beach, she held my hand at sunrise. The waves lapping quietly at our feet made her giggle. Heavenly sounds and adventure in every step we took.

Beyond Words


There’s something about her laugh. The way it seems to erupt from her core. It draws you in. And you find yourself unable to imagine a happier sound. As she sipped on her dawa I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

Setting the Mood

Setting theMood

The soft glow of the candles cast a beautiful light. The room was magical from the Swahili-inspired décor to the impeccable service making sure our every need was catered to. Within these walls, the rest of the world fell away and it was just the two of us.

Table for Two

Table forTwo

We were drawn out of our room by the smell of the sizzling lobster. Dinner was served in front of a roaring fire. The soft murmur of the restaurant was drowned out by her laughter. And as the moon shimmered off the calm waters, I knew there was no going back.

Cheers to Possibility

Cheers toPossibility

Her smile beamed as she looked at me. No words needed to be spoken as we sipped on our champagne. Our glasses were similar in all respects but one… Hers shimmered ever so slightly with the glimmer of a ring.

  • pam u
    The resort at Swahili Beach was probably amongst my favourite of all that I visited in Diani…
    Pam U London, United Kingdom
  • Anne S
    The rooms are spacious and beautifully designed. The swimming pools are wonderfully designed. Return visit is a MUST…
    Anne S Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
  • Francis F
    This hotel is a beautiful piece of work and pool is one of the best on the Diani strip. The staff are very helpful and pizzas at the beach bar is the best in the area as it comes from a fire oven…
    Francis F Boras, Sweden
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